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Monday Notes on the iPad : Advertising, Business

Posted on the 14 February 2011 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

Feb. 14th Monday notes on the iPad : advertising, business

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TAKEAWAY: A recent study reveals the effectiveness of ads in digital magazines.  The more interaction the better. Shouldn’t the same apply to editorial content?  Less linear, more pop up.

It is no secret to those of you who read TheMarioBlog that I believe one of the greatest opportunities to attract and to keep users is through advertising.

The possibilities are inmense, but not yet explored very well, especially by newspaper apps, for effective, interactive advertising.  With the exception of The Daily, we don’t see much innovation in how advertising is presented in apps.

Now comes a report that tells us what we had imagined: interactive advertising in digital magazines can more effectively engage readers and create stronger purchase intention than similar static ads in print.

The study is titled Digital Ad Engagement: Perceived Interactivity as a Driver of Advertising Effectiveness and it details how users ages 18-32 related to digital advertising versus the same ads in print. Overall, the research discovered that readers are more likely to engage with interactive than static ads, as well as have a more favorable attitude to the ad and greater purchase intent.

In addition, the study, conducted by Alex Wang, associate professor at the University of Connecticut (Stamford), also found that by using interactivity such as motion graphics, sound, slideshows and animation, advertisers can engage readers and create favorable attitudes towards their brands. Once engaged, readers are then more likely to interact with the ad, resulting in a higher probability that they will purchase the product or service being promoted.

This, I believe, is not just applicable to advertising but also to the presentation of content, although such studies remain to be done.

The iPad offers opportunities to present our content in a non linear way.  Although not every story can be presented with a “pop up”, those fingers get impatient and we want movement and action.  Now that this first study on how we react to advertising on digital magazines is out, perhaps someone will do a similar study with editorial content.

In addition, advertising content in the iPad is more linked or woven into the texture of how editorial material is presented. I believe that, while we may be able to ignore a glossy full page ad in a printed magazine, we will find it more difficult to skip that digital ad that promises motion, excitement, something fun for the finger/eye/brain connection to play with.

I envision more digital products where a single topic and its corresponding advertising sponsor link effectively.  Advertorials may soon have a new name, different platform and achieve what the printed ones seldom did.

To be continued!

The iPad is good for business, too

In this blog we usually show you the trajectory of those iPads through the world of media and communications. However, not to be ignored, is the impact Apple’s iPad is having on business.

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