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Monday Moment: Facebook-X

Posted on the 09 December 2013 by Steveonline @steve_online

We all know the person I’m going to describe. Hell they just might be your best friend, parent, significant other, or child. They have no idea what they’re doing reeks of bullshit and just keep pressing on. Nobody does anything but feed into this persons cycle either which just makes is compound itself probably to a point of no return. If we save just one person from themselves, this will be worth it.

facebook Monday Moment: Facebook X
They go by many names, but for today we will call them: Facebook-X

  • Facebook-X posts a lot of crap; it almost never seems to stop
  • Selfies they should have kept to themselves
  • Being overly thankful/humble about every little detail of life and telling us all about it
  • Constant need for convincing people they are good souls
  • Posting random things like it’s the jam in their jelly roll now – i.e. the former metalhead who now posts Kenny G videos
  • Meme’s – lots of them

Facebook-X is not a bad person at all, they’re just constantly using the internet to boost their self-confidence to convince themselves what they’re doing is “right”.

Facebook-X is of course blind to their own bullshit, here’s what they are missing:

  • Not realizing half of what they post makes them look stupid
  • Values / Priority not in order to the words they constantly preach
  • Living in a pseudo-fantasy world where they hold all accountable, but have re-written their own personal history

Of course there is more these are just to be a brief overview so you can identify the Facebook-X people in your life.


Chances are unless you still live near this person there is nothing you can do to help save them. The path is deep and intertwined with their bullshit to a level so extreme you’re online pestering will not be enough to crack the egg. Interventions? Unlikely. Facebook-X surrounds themselves with total strangers who believe in them completely, that’s part of FB-X’s process and defense mechanisms.

In the end you really have 2 choices. Hide their posts, or unfriend them. Well there is a third but you have to be the type of person that enjoys the verbal sparring. Engage them on every single topic and call the updates for what they are. Tiresome, boring, and in the end will do nothing but waste your own time and suck you into the mess.

Or do what I do, laugh and scroll down. Eventually, writing 400+ words on how stupid you think it all is

icon smile Monday Moment: Facebook X

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