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Monday Inspiration

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
One of the things about blogging I love is meeting and discovering other bloggers. The blogging community is filled with amazingly bright and talented people, and it so cool to be able to connect them on a daily basis.   I was recently contacted by a reader, Chedva Kleinhandler, who lives in Isreal and was inquiring about shipping costs for some wallpaper.  Well one thing leads to another, and I discover her beautiful blog Belly Button and she points me in the direction of a fabulous designer Gili Ungar that she now works with and *poof* here I am sharing with you.  I just love how this all works! Monday Inspiration I am in love with Gili's bold use of color and eclectic mix of styles! I am in heaven with the above combo, so happy and fresh! Monday Inspiration
Monday Inspiration   Chedva has no idea how greatly I needed to see Gili's work. See, we are going on our second week of solid rain here, and I was needing some fresh crisp color.  I'm just going to chalk yesterday's design choice up to "rain brain", thank you all for pointing out the obvious. I like a challenge, but you and my husband are right.  The kids can have it for their playroom to pet. Monday Inspiration
Monday Inspiration  I also think his inspirational quote is fabulous... Monday Inspiration You can read more about Gili here on Chedva's blog. Besides blogging she also writes for magazines and did a great interview with him. You and also visit his site see his portfolio here. Its definitely a great escape for a rainy day like today. Thank you Chedva! And thank you Gili for chasing the gray Monday away!

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