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Monday Funnies: Lyin’ Brian Williams

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

After repeating his lie for TWELVE years, NBC News anchor Brian Williams finally was forced to admit he had “misremembered” lied about being aboard a helicopter that was shot down by an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) in Iraq in 2003.

NBC executives already had known for at least a year about Williams puffing up, that is lying, in his resumé. Now, questions legitimately are raised about whether he had fibbed about other things, like heroically rescuing a puppy (or was it two puppies?) from a burning house, and his dramatic reporting from Katrina about seeing a dead body float by and getting dysentery from drinking the contaminated flood water. (See “NBC news anchor Brian Williams admits he lied“)

Political satirists are having a field day with Lyin’ Brian Williams satires.

Here’s a sample. Enjoy!

Lyin' Brian Williams
Lyin' Brian Williams1
Lyin' Brian Williams2
Lyin' Brian Williams4
Lyin' Brian Williams3

H/t FOTM’s Lola

Monday Funnies: Lyin’ Brian Williams


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