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Moms In The Spotlight: Social Media Maven SaucyB

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
Moms In The Spotlight: Social Media Maven SaucyB
SaucyB first got myattention when I saw her power dress on Dumb Mom's What's In Your Closet?  I knew right away she was my type of chic, orat least just my wardrobe twin.  So whenI found out about her volunteer work, I knew she was someone I could relateto. 
Boy was Iright.   SaucyB is a mom who works fulltime and blogs anonymously at Life of SaucyB.To top it all, she somehow manages to find time to volunteer in hercommunity. 
See, instead ofturning to the dark side, this online vixen and social media maven uses herpowers for good by volunteering her time, energy, and social media expertise todrive support for the Mt. Pleasant AnimalShelter in East Hanover, NJ. 
Awesome, right?
I certainly thinkso.
For about threeyears, SaucyB has been managing the Facebook and Twitter accounts of theshelter creating an engaged community of 1,000 or more, generating numerousadoption inquiries as well as inspiring others to volunteer too.
Now what I alwaysfind to be inspiring is the motivation … the reasons why our featured moms dowhat they do.
"I was having areally hard time at work.   My job just wasn’t giving me the sense offulfillment it once did and I was feeling very jaded. During lunch oneafternoon when I was feeling particularly depressed, I stopped by the shelterto drop off some supplies. 
One of thedogs was just coming in from being walked. His name was Lance.  I bentdown to pet him and he gingerly placed his front paws on my shoulders, almostlike he was hugging me. I remember with tears in my eyes saying, “You’re thebest thing I’ve seen all day buddy.”  That night I went home and not onlysponsored Lance, but also became acquainted with how I could volunteer as a dogwalker". - SaucyB
This mademy heart smile.  It was such a smallgesture that made such a big difference and inspired SaucyB to use her expertisein a way that was rewarding.  It goes toshow you, sometimes we can enjoy our work (the actual tasks) when we are doingit for something we are passionate about.That is truly powerful and what makes SaucyB such a powerhouse - usingher skills and expertise for a good cause.
So I knowwhat you're saying to yourself.  "Iwould love to volunteer too, but I don't have the time," so how doesSaucyB do it?
"Socializing with the dogsand playing with them was tremendously rewarding.  But as a working momwith a full time job and a pre-schooler on my hands, I couldn't always get tothe shelter to help out as often as I would have liked.  I've always beenpassionate about helping animals and I wanted to do more, but wasn't sure how Icould fit it into my schedule.
The answercame when the Outreach Coodinator announced that she was looking for someone totake over the shelter's Facebook page.  Since this was something thatcould be done at home, it seemed like the perfect way to get moreinvolved." - SaucyB
If you'relooking to get into volunteering, starting a business, or just trying somethingnew, take a queue from SaucyB's playbook:
"If you want to dosomething, don’t wait, DO IT.  I hadthought about volunteering for a long time and always thought it was somethingI wouldn’t have time for until I was retired.I’m so glad I took the leap and decided to get involved now.  It brings me so much happiness." -SaucyB
And that'sreally what's important right?  Its kindof been one of the similarities so far with the ladies in the spotlight.  Happiness.They are all doing something they are passionate about and are givingback to their communities in their own way.
A little more aboutSaucyB?
Moms In The Spotlight: Social Media Maven SaucyB
Before heradventures in volunteering began, SaucyB was the Director of Consumer Marketingfor a national real estate franchise.And, as you can tell by her avatar, she's totally a hot mama.   
Who else could pull off going to the promwith the cute German exchange student? (he did speak English, not that itmattered), not to mention picking up her husband in a bar on the Jersey Shore(definitely not Snooki style).  All mereexamples of this week's mom in the spotlight's awesomeness.
Don't just take myword for it.  Check out some of her blog posts:
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Want to bedown for the cause? 
This weekend, on September 18th, the shelter is hosting itsbiggest fundraising event of the year - Mutts Mania.  This family and dog friendly event willfeature a pet adoption expo, silly pet tricks contests, a dog agility course, amicro chipping clinic, entertainment, food and more!  Tickets are just $10 and kids and dogs arefree.
Supportthe cause and share this with your community.Someone you know, may know someone who knows someone who lives in thearea.  That's how social media worksright?

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