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By Samantha Curtis @hooahandhiccups

More often that not, I find myself preoccupied with technology when I'm home all day with Bubba. 
Especially being a blogger, I am always on my phone checking emails, sending tweets, or well you guessed it, blogging. 
I had a thought the other day; why not challenge myself to spend at least one hour everyday without technology at my fingertips. No phone, TV, computer, etc. Just him and me. 
I decided to call this MomMe Hour. (Like Mommy and Me but shortened!) 
What are we going to do during this time? Craft, color, read, dance, play instruments, whatever! As long as no technology is involved (except music), it's fair game. 
Would you like to participate in this challenge with me? I would love to see pictures, hear stories, and share the moments we get out of this time.
If you take pictures of you and your wee ones during this time or have pictures of crafts or activities you do, share them with me on Twitter or Instagram under #MomMeHour and I'll compile some each week to feature in my recap!
So let it be known that if I don't answer you right away, I'm just having MomMe Hour and will get back to you shortly :) 
Here's to making memories and soaking up every single minute we can with our babies! 
"Conquering life one step and one museum at a time."

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