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Mom Confessions: I Took the Weekend off

By Nesheaholic @nesheaholic
Mom Confessions: I took the weekend off
I had SUCH a good weekend.
I've been having a hard time lately feeling stuck in routine and very constrained by my responsibilities. This weekend it felt great to not worry about time or responsibilities and just enjoy being with BabyCakes and Hubs. We played games, played catch and soccer, painted, colored, enjoyed cartoons, and had an overall good time.
It's funny because even though I also cleaned the whole first floor it wasn't a drag. Because my mindset since I got off work Friday was not to worry about things I need to do, I've been cleaned up when I wanted without the pressure of feeling like I NEEDED to get things clean.
You have to take time to recharge in order to succeed.
I hope to take the happiness from this weekend into the upcoming hectic week. I will remind myself to take breaks, and enjoy myself without looking at the clock when I can.
Mom Confessions: I took the weekend off
Mom Confessions: I took the weekend off
I wish you a week full of self-care, fun moments, periodic disregard for responsibility, smiles, and laughter. 
How was your weekend?

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