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Moggles: Experience Virtual Reality Wherever and Whenever You Want

Posted on the 27 February 2015 by Devender Singh @DevenderSingh93

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Moggles is a portable headset (the name is a combination of Mobile and Goggles) that together with a handcontroller and a smartphone makes it possible to experience the world of Virtual Reality and explore new worlds.

“We are really proud to offer Moggles via Indiegogo. There are so many exciting areas where you can use Moggles and the fact that a VR-headset for smartphones should be portable is just the way it should be”, says Daniel Sandvik, Co-founder and CEO of Moggles.

Moggles has been developed to be user friendly and portable – you can keep it in your pocket – without sacrificing quality. The lenses – that are aspheric – are developed by Moggles and delivers a sharpness over the whole picture. Partner on the software side has been Goo Technologies that will be first to use the Moggles API and app support.

“By using the camera on the smartphone we are enabeling positioning on the web so that the user doesn´t only look, but also will be able to move in the VR world, something that hasn´t been done before. The technology is called SLAM and will be an important parameter for eliminating motion sickness that some VR-user can experience. Our competitors that uses the technology uses an external camera to create the same effect”, says Daniel Sandvik.

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Since smartphones are continously updating both hard- and software with the latest technology, the VR-experience will be improving every time the smartphone is updated. Moggles works together with all smartphones with a screensize up to 5,5”, which guarantees that Moggles will work with future smartphones.

“Moggles (headset and hand controller) will have an initial price of approximately 130 dollar, but there are some early bird offers for members of the community that are interested in supporting our product”, says Daniel Sandvik.

The team behind Moggles showcased a prototype of the product at International CES in Las Vegas and got positive feedback from both journalists and tech savy consumers. Moggles will also be showcasing the product at the Mobile World Congress i Barcelona, in March.

Official Video:

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