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Modi Hopes - Return of 1977 in 2014

Posted on the 17 October 2013 by M Shekhar @politicscope
Narendra Modi hopes that the 2014 general elections would reflect the voice of the people of India - like in 1977. Meanwhile, BJP's prime ministerial candidate challenged his arch rival to submit a performance report on nine-years of UPA rule.


Time can change a person's voice, if not the heart as well. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is now displaying the same symptoms. Now he praises his colleagues too - more openly.


“The elections after the Emergency were not fought by leaders of parties. Neither did papers ad pundits influence them. It was the people’s voice. Like 1977, 2014 will be the voice of the people.”
 - Narendra Modi, Gujarat CM
"It was the people’s voice. Like 1977, 2014 will be the voice of the people.”
- Narendra Modi

Modi praised the leadership of L K Advani, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shiv Raj Chauhan: “Every Government must tell the people what they have done for it. Shivraj ji is going to the villages telling people. Dr. Raman Singh ji is covering the length and breadth of Chhattisgarh but see the arrogance of the Government in Delhi. They are in power for nine years but is even one leader of theirs ready to tell the people what they have done?”


“As soon as I will finish my speech they will start, Modi said this, this is what is happening in Gujarat but, Modi has given answers to the people in December 2012 and the people chose the BJP to serve them.”
- Narendra Modi, Gujarat CM


While addressing the Indian American community at the conclusion of the two-day national convention of the Overseas Friends of BJP-USA. Modi made an appealed: "If you are an Indian passport holder, you should be an Indian voter. Do not leave your exercise to vote."

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