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Modern Beer Innovations: The Great And The Ridiculous

By Gerard @presurfer
Modern Beer Innovations: The Great And The Ridiculous
No one knows exactly how long beer has existed on this fine earth of ours. Its earliest recorded mention dates back about 8,000 years ago, and many historians believe it to be much older than that. From the first use of hops in the 800s, to the invention of the drum roaster and hydrometer in the early 1800s, to the discovery of pasteurization methods later that century, there are plenty of great beer-related innovations to speak of.
Here's a brief highlight of some of the useful inventions and innovations in the past hundred years or so that have enabled us to enjoy beer the way we do today. And some of the not so incredible (but maybe fun?) beer-related innovations of our time.
(thanks Cora)The Presurfer

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