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Miu Miu, Oh My Oh My!

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Miu Miu, Oh My Oh My!Do I NEED this pair of sunglasses like I need a second kidney? Probably not. Do I WANT this suuuper sexy pair of red glitter cat-eyes with the svelte gold wire temples? OH, HELLZ YEAH.
Miu Miu, Oh My Oh My!
My oh my for the Miu Miu, if you will. Me wants them muy muy much. In fact the entire fall collection of Mui Mui fills me with want, I'm not sure how Madame Miuccia Prada does it, but her cerebral application of fashion concepts to entirely wearable + desirable clothing (and accessories) year after year, is something I greatly admire + am inspired by. Prada proves that you can love fashion, be successful and be as clever as punch. 
Referencing the Peacock Revolution of the '60's and spinning into the Dee-lightfull arms of Lady Kier, the starting point is menswear but the collection quickly veers into glossed up glam revision of Courreges as danced through the filter of the 1990's. It's androgyne meets ingenue meets a pair of flinty Fluevogs
Miu Miu, Oh My Oh My!
You can love fashion, be successful + be as clever as punch.
Am I a Dedicated Follower of Fashion? I'm not sure I could pull off the entire look (or afford it!) but I can add elements of this pop candy glamor to my existing wardrobe. I love the layers, the bold prints, saturated colors and all the shine and sparkle found in the collection. While I flirt with the newborn desire for a pair of John Fluevogs (sparked by Fluevog devotees Sheila and Melanie) I've most definitely set my sights on a much coveted pair of red and glittery shades, which I tell myself is not only a fashion accessory, but an implement of practicality (Gotta shade my eyes this Fall from Seattle gloom and doom!)
My wish list of Mui Mui frames for Fall 2012:
Miu Miu, Oh My Oh My!Miu Miu, Oh My Oh My!Miu Miu, Oh My Oh My!Miu Miu, Oh My Oh My!Miu Miu, Oh My Oh My!
Product Details for Oh My My!
  • Space Age Courreges circa 1965 (image source)
  • Vintage 1980's Courreges jacket available on Etsy
  • Bad Ass vintage '60 handbag
  • Mui Mui studded booties ala Fluevog, available HERE
  • Amazing white vintage shades 
  • Mui Mui Red Glitter sunglasses via Sunglasses Shop
 Watch the full show here: 

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Miu Miu, Oh My Oh My!

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