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Mistakes I Have Made in Decorating

By Kerrysteele @kerrysteeleart
This is going to be embarrassing...gulp. This post is not so much about my taste or not being trendy but more general mistakes I have made in decorating choices.
Mistake #1. Fighting your space, aka trying to shove Downton Abbey into a cottage
Mistakes I have made in decorating
While there are elements of this former living room that I love, I took it too far, too heavy and too Granny.
Mistakes I have made in decorating
I was going for an English country house look but  in a Cape Cod, with a tight budget and this gawd awful wood burner that I nicknamed, Bubba.
Mistakes I have made in decorating
I so hated the 1960s orange oak trim and that fireplace trim that I ignored it. I did not have the budget to remove Bubba, fix the flooring and add a fireplace. Although,one January morning (actually 21 of them) I was glad to have Bubba when our furnace died. I digress, my point is don't try to make a palace out of a cottage. I could have much more successfully ignored the elements I did not like, had I kept the decor more relaxed and casual. Lighter and brighter would have worked better. Mistakes I have made in decorating
Mistake #2. Not visually connecting items
Mistakes I have made in decorating
Those antique frames and photo would not have looked too high had I placed a normal chair underneath but they appear to be floating away from the low lying bench. Now I could not add pillows to that bench as it was used for hats and gloves and needed to be opened by young children daily. I could have extended the grouping on the wall, gallery wall style farther down the wall visually connecting the items.
Mistakes I have made in decorating
Ahhh! That is enough embarrassing photos of my life for one day. I am cringing right now. I don't even want to think about the tragic paint color I chose for a kitchen and this was when I was a working designer!
What mistakes have you made? Fess up people.

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