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Mission Impossible...

By Heidi @missfinn
So this week has been crazy, stupid busy!  The most stressful thing to happen this week has been to do with this blog.  Until last evening, I have been unable to post any new blogs due to some issue with Blogger.  If you have been reading my updates on my Facebook page, you will know that this has come down to almighty Google wielding their power over Safari and so I have to do all my blogging using Chrome instead of my Mac friendly Safari. Whatever. The result of this dictatorial act by Google you will discover in due course, lovelies.
In the meantime, I wish to share with you a link to a Guest Post I wrote for Design Shuffle which was posted last Thursday on their website.  I posted the original link on my Facebook page straight away, but here is a link for those of you who have not yet made the leap to Like my I like, I wish, I heart on Facebook, which of course I respectfully ask that you do!
I also have decided to catch up on a post I tried to publish on Tuesday, it's about teaching myself old tricks, sort of!

Today I am going to teach myself how to draw.  

I used to have the skill to be able to draw anything I wanted. But like any skill, if you don't use it, you lose it.  
I am hoping that it won't take too long to pick it up again, but after last night's efforts at trying to draw a small child, I am not so sure it's going to be easy. I am writing a children's story and obviously I want to illustrate it myself, but the picture I have in my mind is not translating to my left hand when I draw it on paper. Most annoying! And so, I take inspiration from one of my favorite illustrators, Madamoiselle Garance Dorè, photographer, illustrator and blogger extraordinaire! 
Now if only I can channel even a millimetre of her talent... 

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