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Miss Popularity

By Latoya @latoyallawrence


Thursday, May 18, 2006 at 8:44 AM PDT

You know, i’ve always liked the person that i am. I live my life on my own terms. I never cared to be in the spotlight but certain people have made a habit of making me the center of attention.

Ever since i was a child i’ve been a private person and at the same time an open and honest person. I also am so unique that i sometimes stick out like a sore thumb. I have always been known to a certain extent by people who i don’t know.

That factor is not too uncommon since people are very communicative with one another and are always gossiping. You never know who knows who and who are pointing you out. I was born with extra sensory perception so it’s not hard for me at all to spot out any funny business.

We are indeed living in a world with plenty of sick people and they seem to be getting sicker if you can imagine that being possible, but the dangerous part of the problem is these particular people don’t consider themselves to be ill. If you ask them it’s the healthy person who has the problem.

Well, i wonder if i’d never experienced the wild & crazy things that i have within my life would i believe them after hearing it from another person. I guess i’ll never know the answer to my own question.

Certain things in particular i’ve experienced would seem like paranoia to the unsuspecting person who is not familiar with street people’s behavior. Anyway, i’m the type who does things then moves on.

I keep going. Once i get bored that is totally it for me! If i fall out with a person i never talk to them again-the way i see it i’d just be going back to what turned me off from them in the first place. I’m always naturally reinventing myself i grow in all aspects of my life which even strengthens my identity.

Unfortunately, there are certain types of people in this world who are unable to do that. They are sadly stuck in their own misery then choose lucky people like me to stalk. I am a book writer. And my writings have sparked much attention in my neighborhood toward me among those who did or did not like what i wrote.

Nevertheless, the attention i receive and have received from those who are not in my class is quite demented and hilarious.

Jealousy and ignorance is definitely a major cause for their behavior but mostly it is an extreme unworthiness and particular mental instability on their part.

They obviously have issues.Sure, they go and do things to occupy some of their time then it’s back to spying on others. They can’t go anywhere in life. They continue to dwell on the same things, unable to move on.

Their world is-”trying to screw up yours!” I can’t believe the lengths they’ve tried with me. Some thought that they were slick by snapping a picture of me while we road the same train.

And, by following me to places to find out what i buy and talk about when i interact with people. They’ve went to places i go attempting to turn people against me or to have them and others they’ve pointed me out to mock and talk at me. All in an effort to bring down my self-esteem.

They have even sent people in my home posing as workers.

They may have really been doing their job but they were planted. That is just how badly those sickos want to bring me down. I am so on to them all and i have been for a very long time now.

And the thing about this interesting situation is that i’m unaffected by their actions. I’ve never been afraid of anyone or to keep on doing the activities that i do.

Of course, in this day and age we have to watch our backs for our own safety but when i’m out they can’t stop me. They’re intimidated by me! I have an innate energy and drive that inspires me and makes me happy so if i notice any of them acting stupid towards me it’s like they’re not even there!

And when i’m home they and what they do does not be on my mind. And that is why it is very hard for me to comprehend how certain people are preoccupied with and doing the same exact thing year after year.

I will say this though. If i and others who are in my predicament are that darn important enough to be the focus of so many’s attention just by living a normal life that we ourselves have not tarnished there needs to be a whole new type of Asylum built on the planet for those who should be put away.

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