Miss Pale Observer, When I Read Your Earlier Post,...

Posted on the 07 August 2011 by Holli
Miss Pale Observer, when I read your earlier post, I could feel my blood boiling. Why is it that visitors to our country always feel like they know us so well after [insert number] of years with us? Sweetheart, the manner in which you even wrote that blog entry proves that you don't know us as well as you think you do. How many of our local proverbs caution the individual about "the one who does not know how to talk"? You've been here 15 years and you didn't know that you would receive backlash?? Where have you been hiding??
The problem was not the things you said (after all, we criticize our own country DAILY on the radios, do we not?) Your criticism would have been received in good faith if it wasn't so one-sided. I think you're a brilliant writer but perhaps not a very well-rounded analyst. Next time, please be careful to notice the GOOD, to encourage us to get BETTER, along with pointing out the BAD and the DISAPPOINTMENTS. You would've been surprised by how many people would've agreed with you.
You notice that on our radios, a bad choice of words always attracts more bad choices of words. Insults call for insults; thats how it works here (again, you should know that!)
Ghanaians do not like to be insulted.

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