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Misadventures In Self-Esteem And Homeschooling

By Psychicillumination @psychicdad

Misadventures In Self-Esteem And HomeschoolingAh life, ya gotta love it! Well, I was originally going to make this blog about homeschooling, as I was looking at taking my youngest boy, Nicholas, out of public school. I still plan on calling the Duval County School Board and requesting a packet of information about the requirements for home schooling. But once I made the Principle of Twin Lakes Academy Elementary, Denise Robertson, aware of the situation with my son, she promptly had him moved to another class.

I firmly believe he will do much better with a new teacher.

On the other hand, while I am busy trying to set up my psychic business and get a permanent place for my children and I to stay, their mom has decided to start dating again. Don’t get me wrong, I hope she finds happiness. However, I’m more than a little irked that she couldn’t take proper care of my children while we were married to allow me to do my psychic work. And now that I am struggling to restart my career and being the primary care-giver for my children, I must now additionally accommodate her aggressive dating schedule!

The children were never a priority for her during our marriage, so it really should be no surprise to me that they are not a priority now. I’m still appalled. 

Misadventures In Self-Esteem And HomeschoolingAt least I had a relationship with one woman whom I was planning on marrying and creating a happy, blended family with. Bio mom just wants to date, apparently more for esteem issues than anything else. And again, the children fall through the cracks unless Dad picks up the pieces. And some people wonder why I say that I am all my children have? It’s true. 

On top of that bio mom lied to me…which I am still dumbfounded about. Why would you lie to someone you know is psychic? Apparently lying is a sport with muggles who have had psychic spouses. Anyway, she joined at least one dating site, Plenty of! Lovely. So while she’s trying to bolsters her self-esteem by dating, I struggle to get my career off the ground and take care of the kids.

And no, bio mom, kids swimming in a public swimming pool, with chemicals, urine and who knows what else, is not equivalent to taking a proper bath or shower!

Keep in mind, dear reader, I’m a professional psychic! I advice mostly ladies, all day long about their love lives. I have seen the constructive and largely destructive patterns women go through in an attempt to reclaim their self-esteem after a failed relationship. This wild search to find the next man to make themselves feel “validated” rarely works. And in the end, it will cost bio mom her children.

I refuse to get into this immature, counterproductive game of “finding someone!” I don’t need a woman to make me feel good about myself. I know I’m a good man! My question again is: what about the children? When did actually loving and putting your children first become such a lost art? 

Misadventures In Self-Esteem And HomeschoolingI realize good fathers are harder to find then dedicated mothers, but when did duty, honor, personal responsibility and sacrifice become such antiquated concepts? The modern American family is in shambles from decades of militant feminism, abortion on demand, the “me, me, me” culture and easy outs for lazy fathers! And now many American mothers are following the sperm donors into oblivion! 

What about the children? Does anyone give a damn anymore? 

My children come first. And they will continue to come first until they are all happy, healthy, competent adults out on their own. With the work I’m putting into them, I have absolute confidence they will become successful, contributing members of society.

I have no plans to “date.” When and if I ever find a woman again, she will be a mother first and put her children first, as I would expect her to. Children are vulnerable and at the whim of adults. We should be more responsible. I have no interest in “hanging out.” If a woman is not marriage material, we can be friends. If we share the same interest in psychic phenomena we can be friends. 

Misadventures In Self-Esteem And HomeschoolingAt this age, I know what I want and what I find attractive. The woman is either a potential wife or she’s not. If she’s not, there is no reason to even get involved. After all, I have kids who need me. And they don’t need to be competing with someone for my time and attention.


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