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Mirror.Me Visualizes Your Interest Community

Posted on the 30 June 2011 by Alizasherman @alizasherman

I'm a sucker for visuals. Give me infographics, show me a visual rendering of information, map something out for me in pictures, it just clicks with my brain. I recently posted about MentionMapp which creates a diagram for connections and conversations on Twitter.

I'm now on which shows my "interest communities" in a word cloud called a "Reflection." _ Aliza Sherman - social media, mom, author, writer, blogger

Click on one of the words in my personal cloud, and it leads you to others in my Twitterverse who share a particular interest. I clicked on "Writer," for example, and was led to 99 results including Mathew Ingram (@mathewi), Liz Gumbinner (@mom101), Liz Sabater (@blogdiva) and Rachel Sklar (@rachelsklar). Great to be included in their interest community!

Of course, I did find this "connection" pretty hilarious: _ Aliza Sherman - social media, mom, author, writer, blogger-1

Right off the bat, I like how extrapolates the interests of people in my Twitterverse and presents them instantly to me based on specific shared interests. I've yet to spend a lot of time cultivating lists on Twitter because tend to be so labor-intensive and require a lot of discernment on one's part to determine if someone fits into a particular list. seems to take some of the randomness or guesswork out of finding your tribe on Twitter.

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