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Mintd Box • Post Summer Skin Rehab

By Kellilash @Kellilash

Last month I spoke about a brand new concept in beauty boxes bought to you by the marvellous . It is safe to say that Mintd Box caught all of our attentions and this months box theme shall indeed grab your attention even more.

Just to recap, is like no other beauty box service you have seen before and doesn't even come under the same umbrella as other companies. This is gold star service offering the latest A-listers in beauty. A monthly or bi-monthly (the choice is yours) luxury beauty subscription that sources exceptional high end, luxury brands so that every month or two, you receive a selection of 4/5 full sized beauty products. Their team of London Beauty Experts ensure that the products are in tune with global trends and your personal preference. Mintd Box aim to inspire and encourage women to reveal their inner beauty through discovering new brands. In my opinion, the only beauty box that is worth knowing about. Forget all others, this one beats them all.

Each month there is a general theme and this months box theme is Post Summer Skin Rehab which is all about holding on to that radiant glow and keeping your skin nourished and hydrated with a post summer skin rehab dream team. As always, Mintd Box deliver your beauty goodies all together in a beautiful white, sturdy box all wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon making every month feel like your in beauty heaven. If you want to know all my first impressions then check out unboxing.

I for one could not have been any happier with this box theme as it is the type of routine that I have been carrying out myself already after having been on holidays and living in a sunny climate. I was even more excited to spot one of my top skin weapons feature in here that I have been keeping secret, as many of you have actually commented on how good my skin is looking, so carry on reading to find out which one of the above it is! (Pssst ... there shall be a full blog post all about this brand on the blog soon so stay tuned).

This month and as always, Mintd Box have teamed up with some incredible beauty brands to bring to your very own home the ultimate full body pamper session. Included in this box are 5 full sized beauty products for the UK and 4 full/ 2 travel sized beauty products for the rest of the world from brands stocked in prestigious stores such as Harrods, Havey Nicols, Selfridges, Rosalena and Beauty Expert .

1. Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask (Full size £42)

2. Rosalena Face Oil, Frank and Sense (Full size £42)

3. Magic Stripes Wake Me Up Collagen Eye Patches (Full size £27)

4. Haeckels Hand Balm (Full size £18)

5. IOMA Expert Ritual (Travel size £9)

This box features 4 FULL sizes and 1 travel size and has a £65/€76 combined value of over £139/€164 for which you only pay giving you an enormous £74/€87 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. It really does just get better and better and trust me, these are products you are going to want to try. This really is such a massive saving!!!!

So let's talk more about each item included in this months box ...

Designed to rid your skin of dead skin skin cells, excess oils and bacteria to restore the skins natural balance using Kaolin, White Nettle, Birch and Sage. M icro beads of red seaweed help to gently smooth your skin's texture giving you bright, radiant glowing skin. As a result, acne will be reduced and prevented and dull, tired looking skin shall become fresher and younger looking.

A dual purpose product that acts as an exfoliator and a mask - this is my kind of product! I was introduced to Anne Semonin through last months Explore Mintd Box and since then I have already got my hands on some more of her products as they have me hooked. I was quick to use this mask from the moment that I received this box because I love face masks and this one is a gem of a mask. It is one of those easy to use, hassle free, yet highly effective skincare products where you see results instantly. If you are lazy when it comes to exfoliating and masking then here is your answer so no excuses needed. It really is super simple and shall make a world of difference to your skin and the effectiveness of your other skincare products, trust me on this. A great mask for that time of the month as this shall help ease congestion and keep it looking bright and when our skin is happy, we are a whole lot happier too.

Great name right?! Remember that I mentioned that this box contained one of my skins secret weapons? ... Well have a this is it . My secret is out. I LOVE this. This really has been the product that has kept my skin glowing, healthy and looking very radiant. Frank & Sense is a n all season beauty oil rich in anti-oxidants and bio-active ingredients that rehydrate, regenerate and nourish. It is the perfect antidote for seasonal skin changes, especially effective for post sun repair and to combat the drying effects of winter. Get your glow, whatever the weather basically!
specialise in 100% Natural Facial Oils andare a London based company that was created by two very inspiring women, who set out to give us just what our skin needs and to make it an experience without putting chemical-laden ingredients into our bodies. Their oils are made purely from plant ingredients with no hidden nasties whatsoever. The oils take the place of your moisturiser as that is what they effectively are, just in oil form and not a cream. This results in shine free hydration with a more nourished and brighter skin. I am sure you can agree, a very unique concept that makes perfect sense. No complicated jargon and fancy claims, just pure goodness here.
Maja & Helena I dont want to go into too heavy detail as I do in fact full blog post all about Rosalena coming next to the blog, so stay tuned should you want to know more! Let me say though, this is one product that I shall not do without. My skin has never felt so happy all summer long and with all the travelling that I do, this really helps to keep it that way. A product that I highly recommend you need to check out.

3. Magic Stripes Wake Me Up Collagen Eye Patches x 5 pairs (Full size £27)

Concentrated Cooling eyepatches to help reduce the appearance of lines, dark circles and eye bags and wake up tired eyes in just one use. The cold effect takes down puffiness reducing eye bags and darkness. That magical ingredient that we all love, Hyaluronic Acid provides the skin with moisture which immediately reduces fine wrinkles, lines and dryness whilst increasing the skins elasticity and collagen.

I adore eye pads like this because they really can make the world of difference in a short time. A great pre-party trick to looking your best when you need a little boost! They are also a great excuse to really relax, if only for the 30 mins whilst you have them on, but a pamper session would not be complete without an eye mask so make it a good one such as these!

A vitamin rich, fast absorbing hand balm to hydrate both your hands and cuticles. This luxurious hand balm contains fragrant coastal flowers and skin softening emollients to nourish and protect. Seaweed and geranium extracts (love) encourage skin repair as well as providing essential vitamins to repair any damage.

Now we all need a hand cream in our bag, on our dresser, in our bathroom etc so make sure you use one that makes you want to use it - that is the trick! When it comes to hand creams for me it is always the scent and the 'not being greasy' that are the two main selling points for me so if it can't live unto these, I wont use it. This one however lives up to both. Although this is a balm, it seems to liquify and absorb into the skin almost immediately just leaving you with a very herbal, flowery type of scent that shall have you smelling your hands constantly afterwards.

A fabulous idea that I am surprised no one came up with sooner! Contact lens like, small tabs of skincare that let you travel light whilst ensuring all your skincare comes with you. This is a complete set of what you will need for a weekend away. They contain four targeted treatments so your skin care is simple whilst 'on the go'.

IOMA Expert rituals tabs include :-

- Flash youth eye contour cream 2 x 1ml

- Youthful moisture cream day and night 2 x 1ml

I am new to this skincare brand but it does look and sound very impressive and this is such a genius idea because this travel size takes up no space and weighs practically nothing so packing 'light' is actually possible, hence I am saving them for my next trip.

Your post summer skin wants you to invest.

Mintd Box • Post Summer Skin Rehab

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