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Minimalist Wardrobe Reading List

By Clairejustalittleless
Any excuse to talk wardrobes, eh? I've decided to put together a list of inspiring reads on the topic of creating a minimalist wardrobe. Let's call it my minimalist wardrobe reading list. Whilst I don't archive my clothes anymore, I make sure I archive great posts on the subject of dressing well with less. 

1. The Minimalist Wardrobe (aka The 10-item Wardrobe)  In my opinion the definitive minimalist wardrobe from Miss Minimalist.10 items, all photographed and not all black. Wow!

2. the wardrobe cleanse from this brown wren. I love how Steph reveals her thought processes as she describes her wardrobe purge. 
3. the happy closet fromPink Ronnie. The first in a series of 9 enticing wardrobe posts. Sadly Ronnie closed this blog in September but has started something equally beautiful here.  
4. conquer excess shopping Lucent Imagery writes about unhealthy clothes shopping habits and how to recognize our inner beauty.
5. My Minimalist Wardrobe Laura's pared down collection was a great inspiration to me when I started to seriously limit the amount in my wardrobe. Thank you Laura at No More Spending.
6. Add Classic Style to the Small Wardrobe Rachel, at Small Notebook, talks about her 'comfortably dressy' style. 
7. fall - another chance to simplify my wardrobe Janet, from The Gardener's Cottage, oozes style, confidence and fun with vintage pieces.
8. The Autumn Capsule Wardrobe I have my friend Julie to thank for introducing me to Anna's blog, Vivianna Does MakeUp, and her joyful capsule wardrobe vlogs. I love her latest 10 piece autumn collection. Not sure I could carry off those animal print flats though! 
9. 33 Things to Do and Undo When Simplifying Your Wardrobe A really useful list of tips on simplifying your clothes from Project 333's Courtney Carver. Project 333 got me started on experimenting with dressing well with less. How could I leave Courtney out?
10. Alice Gregory On Finding a Uniform My latest read. A clever way to limit your clothes, sharpen your signature look and steal time.  
 I hope you find these 10 links useful. Sharing is never out of style. 
Minimalist Wardrobe Reading List

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