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Minimalist Monday: My Word for 2015

By Clairejustalittleless
Minimalist Monday: My Word for 2015
Hello. A little late this year, forgive me, but here is the word I have chosen to guide me through 2015. This is the third year I have chosen a word as a theme for the year. In 2013 I chose 'focus' and in 2014 'purpose'. Clear has a different feel to it than my previous words that were very driven and were about finding new direction (although I did define 'focus' as 'to see things more clearly' - so maybe I'm going round in circles!) I think my direction has become clearer over the last two years and I won't be making any major life changes in 2015, especially since loosing my dad recently. 

Here are a few definitions of clear that I've found:

1. Uncomplicated, simple and user-friendly

2. Transparent, unclouded
3. To be away from
4. To remove an unwanted item from somewhere

My hopes for 2015 are to

- keep things simple in my home, my work and my attitude - why complicate things?

- provide simple, user-friendly information on my blog to inspire others with their simplifying, with maybe some more vlogs and possibly an e-book - what do you think? Any other suggestions?
- to spend more time off technology than on, especially in my free time
- to clear more clutter and have some clear shelves and cupboard space - wouldn't that be wonderful?
- clear more junk from my diet and drink more water 

So, in 2015 I'm ambitious but in a minimalistic way. As I'm a bit late to the party with my word for the year, how about sharing your progress to date if you've chosen a word for the year? Or what's the one thing that's complicating your life that you're finding it hard to let go of? It's always wonderful to hear from you. Have a great week xo

Minimalist Monday: My Word for 2015

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