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MIND THE MUSIC: Swedish Hoodoo

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
MIND THE MUSIC: Swedish Hoodoo
From a small village in a quiet corner of northern Sweden, comes a communally fueled, world minded "musical tradition" known as Goat. The band's origins shrouded in mystery, its current band members keep anonymous by performing in full costume, replete with a stunning regalia of vintage masks. The sound is pulsing, hypnotic, poly-rhythmic. 
Equal mix Euro-traditional, Afro-tribal and American funk, the music has a way of worming its way inside your head. The players, relinquishing personal ego, perform exclusively in a costumed alchemy of archetypes and shamanistic show. The songs, more channeled than crafted, seem an invocation to knit a past, present and future by the best way known to man: a good beat intent on compelling your body into dance.
MIND THE MUSIC: Swedish Hoodoo
You can read more about Goat here and here.
MIND THE MUSIC: Swedish Hoodoo This is the tenth installment of our CITIZENS culture feature, mid-week: Mind the Music. On the occasional Wednesday, we post some bitchin' tunes to get your toes a'tapping, and you, happily through your week. Happy listening!

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