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Military “Litmus Test”? Will You Shoot Americans?

Posted on the 06 December 2013 by Adask

According to the following video, Dr. Jim  Garrow was recently contacted by a high ranking military official who implored him to reveal the truth about a “litmus test” that is being proposed by the Obama administration to the military, asking the question “will you shoot Americans if they won’t give you their guns?”

I have mixed feelings about this video.  On the one hand, it’s well done; Dr. Garrow seems sincere and reasonable.  On the other hand, the video strikes me as a possible instance of fear-mongering.  

I’m not posting this video as an absolute truth.  I’m posting as a possible truth, even a probable truth.  I’m posting mainly to see what the readers of the blog think about this video.

video     00:10:28

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