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Mil’Kil III 2012

By Abichal @Multidays
Mil’Kil III 2012

Start of Mil Kil courtesy Yanoo.net

There will be no Trans-Gaule in 2012. Instead the Race Director is offering another challenge – Mil’Kil III 2012

“In 2012 the Transe Gaule will pause and give way to the TRANS EUROPE, event organized by our German colleagues – about 4000 kilometers in 64 stages between Denmark and Gibraltar, which will cross France from September 10 to 29 by taking part of the route of the Transe Gaule.

PHARE-WEST ORGANIZATION will benefit from the temporary lull and be able to offer in the Spring 2012 the third edition of the 1000 km DE FRANCE, running a non-stop round of 1000 terminals all across France from the ramparts of St Malo to the port of Sète.

The first two editions of the “Mil’Kil” took place in September 2008 and August 2009. Unbeaten in the event, the young rider Alexandre Var Forestieri (26 years old in 2008) holds the record in 8 days 18 hours 03 minutes 30 seconds, chrono established in 2009 when he edged Finistere Christian Efflam with a little over 3 hours by the end of 1000 km race. Alexandre Forestieri, is also the only rider who is a double-Finisher “MiL’Killer” of this crossing. The Burgundian Catherine Massif is the only woman in the world “MiL’Killeuse”. We can already announce that these two will most likely be on the start line in St-Malo to defend their titles.

The dates for the Mil’Kil III are 17 to 29 June 2012 and the maximum period to cover 1000 km will be 12 days (288 hours), as with previous editions.

The course in 2012 remains unchanged. After an entry for 64 km between St Malo and Mont St-Michel, follows a logical path to the south and “as close to the shortest path” while supporting as much as possible and quiet roads . Some cities visited: St-Malo, Mont-St-Michel, Fougeres, Vitre, Craon, Segre, Chalon-sur-Loire Doue-la-Fontaine, Loudun, Chatellerault, Le Blanc, Bourganeuf, Mauriac, Salers, Aurillac, Rodez , Roquefort, Lodève, Canet and Sète.

The principle of this organization is to provide minimal competition, a starting line, a finish line, a measured course and arrow and a detailed road book of it. No other service is provided by the organization and each rider will be responsible for organizing its own assistance throughout the course and to communicate its position once every 24 hours. Each participant manages his or her own pace run / walk, his breaks and sleep.

Monitoring will be provided via a simple web page showing the positions of competitors and updated daily.

This part of “Game of 1000 terminals” is limited to 400 players:))”

Jean-Benoît Jaouen
Race Director

“Let’s face it, try the impossible”

Visit the race website at Yanoo.net for more details on how to sign up for this event.

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