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Mikoyan Guryevich MiG-29 Fulcrum A

By Htam

2014_ DSC_1990_D7000_1_D7000_2_D7000.jpg@Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, McMinnville, OR

May 2014

The MiG-29 was developed in the 1970’s as a frontline air superiority fighter, entering Soviet Air Force service in 1982.  This has been a very successful export aircraft, currently in service with 26 countries at this time.  In 1997, the United States purchased 21 Moldovan MiG-29 aircraft for threat assessment purposes.  Many of the airframes were scrapped with several ending up to museums like this example. HDR with a Nikon D7000 w/18-200 mm using Photomatix Pro and Aperture.

Mikoyan Guryevich MiG-29 Fulcrum A

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