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Mighty Impressed With Myself

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Fur & Leather Photography via Natasha / @_nhphotoz
What a year it has been, already! Right? And we are not even done with January yet. Three weeks in and I have spent more time analyzing my every action and stressing over life than I have in the longest time. Anyone how knows me will know that I am rarely self-complimentary. I am usually the hardest on myself. Nothing is ever good enough. I am never impressive.  However, past few weeks, I have surprised myself in more than one way. I have shown up for myself, I have cheered myself on, I have stood up for myself and I have found a way to maintain a healthy perspective even in the most dire situation.  If the last three weeks had been presented to me as a hypothetical situation, I would have never guessed that I will be able to live through it all without having a major breakdown. I would have said that I am not prepared to deal with it. In reality, I proved my hypothetical self wrong. I was pretty prepared for it and in fact dealt with it all while going through rest of my daily routine uninterrupted. Years and years of working on myself has finally paid off.  Looks like know how to do life (as of today!) and I can't believe I am typing this, but I am mighty impressed with myself.
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