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Midas is King and He Holds Me So Tight

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell

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Just a little photo-story today, of things I could find around my house. The jewelry in the first photo was all handed down to me by my mother (doesn’t she have amazing taste?); I thought it appropriate to start with something gold, considering my Florence-inspired title. Next is one of my mood walls (it started as a mood board and the situation sort of…spread) and some reading material. The stone owl with the tea-light in it was a Christmas present, and it’s really heavy! I have to pick it up with both hands. The little toy owls are actually Christmas tree decorations, but I like to have them looking over my bed all year. The jeans are all old and thrifted. Finally we have another mood wall, the one I have over my piano. It’s covered with art postcards by people like William Blake, and a few bands that I like, but mostly just things that I’ve drawn and sheet music that I’m working on. And more owls, of course. Where would a witch be without her familiars? #cackle

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