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Mid-Day Update

Posted on the 21 October 2011 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld
Courtesy of David of All About Trends NEWS FLASH: Noon time EST we issued a trade trigger alert to lock our gains in BIDU at $120.60 today. That amounts to a $1268.00 gain in a few days. Keep in mind this comes on back of our $795.00 gain in FMCN earlier in the week. It all adds up to a great week for those who operate in the realm of whatever it takes to reach one’s goals regardless of what the market throws at you. It all comes down to just how serious YOU are about you’re goals. How serious are you? And that is you’re question to yourself this weekend. How Serious Am I About Accomplishing My Goals And Am I Willing To Pay The Price And Do Whatever It Takes To Accomplish Those Goals? Yesterday we said: We’ve got a pending news driven event out of the EU this weekend or maybe just more extend and pretend.  And sure enough they have already scheduled another summit for later in the week next week. Like I said- EXTEND AND PRETEND I always have to laugh when I see headlines like:  Today Investors bid Up Stocks blah blah blah.  I laugh because its not true. Investors did NOT bid up stocks. The Market Makers and Specialists GAPPED UP stocks and POPPED STOPS.  Mid-Day Update  When I see a market gap up like it did this morning the first thing I do is NOT REACT- That’s what losers do. The next thing I do is look at just WHAT EXACTLY ARE MY STOCKS DOING (and the leaders). In so doing I notice AMZN, BIDU,AAPL and numerous others really weren’t doing much that concerned me.  The point is never react and always let your stocks tell you what to do by the action they are exhibiting.  Mid-Day Update We’ll keep it short today as its the weekend and we’ll have more to say then.  For Traders Looking For A Game Plan Something to think about here may be that of devising a trading plan for between now and year end. One may to look at  between now and year end from a hit and run get in get out standpoint and be a trader.  After all $200 a day is $1,000

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