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Microsoft Clarity: a Free Visitor Behavior Analytics

Posted on the 30 October 2020 by Gaurav Kumar @vhowtodo

Microsoft has launched Clarity. A free visitor behavior analytics tool from Microsoft.

The Clarity visitor behavior analytics tool is a free tool to determine your website's user behavior without interfering with their privacy.

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What is Microsoft Clarity Analytics?

Microsoft Clarity: a Free Visitor Behavior Analytics

Microsoft clarity is a free GDPR complaint tool to track user behavior. This user behavior analytics tool will help bloggers or webmasters to track user behavior.

It will track how users are using the website, report rage clicks, and identify improvement areas.

Microsoft Clarity Analytics Won't Slow Down Websites?

Microsoft Clarity analytics tool is a free tool. It is good to track how visitors use the website or blog to debugging information, engagement metrics, and website performance.

Microsoft Clarity will also explain how you can improve web pages pages' performance.

The best thing about Microsoft Clarity is that it won't slow down your website speed. It is optimized to work without adding additional burden to your page speed.

Microsoft Clarity Analytics comes with Privacy Features:

Microsoft Clarity respects user privacy. This analytics tool helps the publisher track user behavior without collecting privacy information.

Features of Microsoft Clarity:

Here are the three top-level features of Microsoft Clarity;

  • Heatmaps
  • Insights Dashboard
  • Session Playbacks

Microsoft Clarity Heatmap:

Microsoft Clarity: a Free Visitor Behavior Analytics

Similar to Google heatmap, Microsoft Clarity heatmap also tracks where the blog or website visitor has clicked. Heatmaps are essential as it shows how far the users have visited the page or blog post.

For example, if most users are clicking only at the top of the blog post, you will understand what makes them visit that part of the page and why they are leaving your blog page.

Microsoft Clarity Heatmap will also introduce a scroll feature in heatmaps for mobile users.

Microsoft Clarity Insight Dashboard:

In the Clarity Insight Dashboard, you will see user behavior and performance.

Sessions Playbacks:

If you want to know where the user has moved his cursor, you need the sessions playbacks. You will also find out where the visitor has clicked, paused, and scrolled.

Microsoft Clarity: a Free Visitor Behavior Analytics

In the middle section of the session timeline, you will see visited web pages and engaging elements.

You can also filter the data.

You can also check the individual sessions. Here I am sharing both sides of filters.

Microsoft Clarity: a Free Visitor Behavior Analytics Microsoft Clarity: a Free Visitor Behavior Analytics


Microsoft Clarity is the most important SEO tool from Microsoft to track user behavior without asking for privacy information. Citations: Official Bing Announcement Microsoft Clarity Microsoft Clarity Signup Page

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