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Mexican President Eats Crow; Apologizes to Trump

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

When Donald Trump was just one of many GOP presidential contenders, former Mexican President Vicente Fox called Trump “Ignorant … crazy … egocentric … nasty … [a] false prophet,” and vowed he and Mexico would not pay for Trump’s “f*cking wall” along the US-Mexico border.

But after Trump’s sweeping victory in last Tuesday’s Indiana primary election, which makes him the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, Fox is eating crow.

Former Mexican President Vincente Fox (Source of photo: Pocho)

Former Mexican President Vincente Fox (Source of pic: Pocho)

Alex Swoyer and Joel B. Pollak for Breitbart that during an exclusive interview in the J.W. Marriott hotel in Santa Monica, California, on May 4, 2016, a day after Trump’s Indiana victory, Vicente Fox apologized for the vulgar language he has used regarding Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the southern border, and even extended an invitation to Trump to Mexico to see the border from the other side.

Fox said:

“I apologize. Forgiveness is one of the greatest qualities that human beings have, is the quality of a compassionate leader. You have to be humble. You have to be compassionate. You have to love thy neighbor. Love your nation. Love the world. Yes, I’m humble enough as leadership be, [a] compassionate leader. If I offended you, I’m sorry. But what about the other way around?

I don’t think he should follow the strategy of attacking others, offending others, to get to his purpose. There are other ways and means of doing it. I invite him to come to Mexico and to see what Mexico is all about.”

Fox stressed the important trade ties the two countries have, noting that the U.S. benefits from Mexican labor and has much larger trade deficits with other countries. He urged Trump to be more responsible, and condescendingly suggested that he could help: “I can convince him to think intelligently” about trade and other issues.

Thousands of Central American

Thousands of Central American “migrants” on Mexico’s southern border

In January 2016, the Mexican government moved to lock down its other border — the one in the south bordering Guatemala — to prevent migrants (you mean they’re not “undocumented workers”?) from Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras) from sneaking into Mexico, while on the way to the U.S.

The illegal “migrants” have accused Mexican officials of abusing them with beatings, extortion, robbery and willful neglect.

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