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Merry Merry Merry Love

By Shegotherown @AddyGotHerOwn

PhotobucketMerry Merry Christmas loves!!!I have been doing a lot of running around  gift giving and receiving, dinners, lunch, drinking warm swedish wine and watching the Muppet Christmas carols with friends, family and loved ones.Enjoying those moment when you see the expression on people's face after receiving their gifts.I want to thank you all for your love, support, care and incredible friendship.For the wonderful year and moments you gave me through your lovely comments, encouragements, inspirations and thank you all to those SECRET readers who never comment I love you too.I will say I love you all with my heart but my butt is bigger, so I love you with all my BUTT!!!Gotta go to dinner now, so many Nigerian food, its Nigerian day today.I will go totally Greek tomorrow with so many food too.LOVE YOU!
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