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Merry Christmas!

Posted on the 25 December 2012 by Adask

Yes, yes, I know–Christmas has been paganized and commercialized and it’s probably not even the actual date of the Christ’s birth.  Instead, the Christ was probably born in the Spring or Fall rather than Winter.  In fact, so far as I know, no living man truly knows the Christ’s actual date of birth.

A lot of people reject Christmas because they know that December 25th is not the Christ’s true birthday.  I respect their opinion

Nevertheless, if the Christ was born, then just because we don’t know his true date of birth, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still celebrate his birth–even if our celebration is on the wrong day.

Here’s a video of people celebrating the birth of Christ.  Even if they’re celebrating on the wrong day, they’re celebrating in the right spirit.

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