Men Trying to Catchup To Women

Posted on the 02 January 2011 by Stoffbyrd
Men Trying to Catchup To Women
Sex is A Woman's Turf
She's been hit on way more times than you ever will. Women have much more practice flirting. Probably had way more sexual experiences than you as well. Knows how to be sexy - you don't.
Plus many years of relationship experience-  she is well read on the subject. A veteran. Talks openly with her friends and shares notes. They have a plan. The agenda is clear. She knows wants she wants, she knows the score, and she knows the game.
Enter Today's Man
So us men were playing catchup. Finally starting to talk. Finally starting to share our notes. Not afraid to admit we needed some help. But why the fuck has everything gone so wrong?
At first no one cared enough to even talk about this stuff. And now seemingly overnight guys have become obsessed. From no reading to 5 hours of studying a day. How did we jump so fast from saying "it is what it is bro" to all the over analysis and mental masturbation. Sigh. Leave it to men to take this movement way too far into parody.
When we will find the happy medium?
That this stuff is important but not that important. Sure, we needed to play catch up. But you can't make up 20 years of not thinking about or discussing dating and relationships in just 3 months. Women are not some exam you can just cram for. It's a long road - a journey. So sit back and enjoy it.
We have only just begun.

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