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Men Naked in the Woods

Posted on the 15 November 2013 by Polycarp55 @polycarp55
Men Naked in the WoodsKen Dowling interviewed Chuck Palahniuk,  here is an excerpt.  You can find the interview on Chuck's Website. :
"I think that young men are completely in the wayside right now. Everything has changed for them.  They are being given no resources.  It seems the only thing they can do is  lash out.  Young men are screwed at this point in history.  They are repeatedly demonized.  There's such a high rate of suicide.  It kills me."
The reason I reprinted it was to share the issue he brought up; an issue that I think the United States must address if it is to get healthy again: Note the original appeared in Hustler Magazine and may be a temptation that some of my brothers can not handle.  Not that I can, but I was not tempted (this time) by the Minions of Babylon.
Confucius once said that a bear could not fart at the North Pole without causing a big wind in Chicago. By this he meant that all events, therefore, all men are interconnected. In an unbreakable web. What one man does, no matter how seemingly insignificant vibrates through the strands and effects every man.Philip Jose Farmer - Riders of the Purple Sage

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