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Memory Holes: Newspaper Gives Articles the Hook.

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Blogger “Cinderella’s Broom” discovered that the newspaper, Newtown Bee, had scrubbed from its website articles that were published in 2002, 2004 and 2008 on Sandy Hook Elementary School’s dilapidated roof and environmental toxins.

I had cited those articles in two of my posts, including “Sandy Hook Hoax: 6 signs that school was closed before the massacre“.

Memory holes: Newspaper gives articles the Hook.Cinderella's Broom

Why is the Newtown Bee removing article links related to Sandy Hook citizen investigations?

Cinderella noticed several memory holes yesterday in relation to two issues reported on by bloggers:

  1. The shabby condition of Sandy Hook Elementary, which suggests it was closed as a school long before 12-14-12. The photos of the school remain intact here.
  2. Garrett L. Denniston’s investment fraud activities committed between 2005-2012. Denniston’s wife served as principal of Reed Intermediate school from 2003-2009. The FBI report on Denniston remains intact here.
Three missing links. Go here to witness three memory holes in Fellowship of the Mind’s article, “Sandy Hook hoax: 6 signs that school was closed before massacre.”   The relevant paragraph is below, so you can easily test the three links:

“As examples, in 2002, Consulting Engineering Services recommended to the school district that SHES be “worked on in 2010 over a nine-month…

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