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Meghan Ory Talks Once Upon a Time Twist: What Did She Know?

Posted on the 16 March 2012 by Bittersweet1975 @onceupon_fans

On last week’s Once Upon a Time, Red Riding Hood was caught ”Red-Handed” in a twist this reviewer never saw coming. So I was thrilled to get to talk to Meghan Ory – who plays both Red and her Storybrooke counterpart Ruby – a few days later about the more frightening side of her characters.

Was she aware of what was in store?

“I did know,” she admitted about Red being the wolf, adding that series creators “Adam and Eddy called me a few episodes in and shared it with me. I was pretty excited.”
But did she know that literally devouring her boyfriend was part of the story? Apparently not until she read the script.

“Oh my gosh! It was heartbreaking. I was so sad just watching it. I didn’t know they were going to have the wolf still eating him when Granny and Snow came upon them… It was terrible. ”

Now that we know the truth, will we be seeing more wolf-like tendencies in Ruby?

“I think that’s going to be very interesting seeing how Red is the wolf playing out in Storybrooke. As of yet… there is no magic in Storybrooke, but she obviously has little things like her sense of smell and hearing. It will be interesting to find out if there’s more… as we go forward.”

So, what was it like to finally get Ruby out of the diner?

“It was fun shooting that,” Meghan said of the different locale. “Hopefully Ruby and Emma will have more to do together… but I think she loves the diner and that was part of her journey. Realizing that she likes where she is and what she does.”

Now that Red and Ruby are getting to interact with more characters, does the actress have a favorite actor to work with?

“Oh, that’s the hardest question ever on this show,” Meghan laughed. “Everyone is so amazing… But I’m dying to have a scene with Rumple or Mr. Gold. Robert Carlyle and I have had a few moments of being on set together. There might be something in the future.”

But if Meghan had to chose between Red or Ruby, who would she play?

“Oh my God! No one’s ever asked me that before. I don’t think I could pick between them. They’re such unique characters onto themselves although they’re essentially the same person. I don’t think I could choose.”

How about some Once Upon a Time spoilers for upcoming episodes…

“We’re definitely going to find out what makes the Queen hate Snow so much and I think that’s going to be pretty amazing to find out… there are always two sides to every story and the Queen has her reasons – and we do not know, as of yet, what those are.”

Sounds like we all need to tune in to find out.


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