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Meeting Amanda Stone Talley: Vibrant Artist, Vibrant Work

By Lorigilder @lorigilder

While I was in NOLA for the KBIS show last month, I had an opportunity with a few of my other designer friends to visit a local New Orleans artist: Amanda Stone Talley!  She is a huge talent so it was quite a thrill being invited for a tour of her spectacular carriage house/gallery/ home studio for a cocktail (or two) to see where she lives and works and to admire her incredible work!

Studio from Amanda's website1

Amanda Stone Talley

A peek inside her studio where the magic happens.

Amanda creates vibrant abstract pieces with a lot of energy.  Using flowing, intertwined lines and harmonious colors, her pieces have distinct character.  The strength of her lines is reminiscent of Picasso’s work.  All of her pieces manage to feel carefully crafted while still encapsulating a highly kinetic sensation; your eyes flow along the twisting lines as you get drawn deeper into the piece.

Decor Pad

Her work lends itself well to contemporary design, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.  Several of her pieces have been translated into fabric and wallpaper designs that are perfect for the home!  The paintings themselves provide quite an impact within any space it occupies. I recently introduced a client to Amanda’s work and they are now considering purchasing one as the finishing touch to their renovation in Palm Springs.

Amanda Stone Talley Wallpaper

Amanda herself has the energy and engaging nature that you see and feel in her paintings.  She warmly welcomed us into her home, gallery, and studio and she was incredibly charismatic in her presentation of her new wallpapers.

Carmen Christensen's pic

Myself, Andie Day, Amanda Stone Talley, Meredith Heron, Carmen Christensen in the Studio

Amanda Talley

Amanda rocked this frock by tying a few yards of her fabric around her neck…instant sophistication.

If you like Amanda Stone Talley’s work as much as I do, I would love to help you redesign your home with her pieces.  Contact me at Interior Makeovers, Inc. to learn more.

Stay Inspired!

Photo Credits:

1. Amanda Stone Talley

2,4,6. Lori Gilder

3. Decor Pad

5. Carmen Christensen

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