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Meet True Blood’s New Writer

Posted on the 02 March 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

True Blood‘s new writer Angela Robinson, will be writing episodes 5 and 11 in season 5, and was interviewed by Gianna Sobol over at the Inside True Blood Blog. In this interview, she reveals which characters she loves writing for the most, and calls us rabids!

Meet True Blood’s New Writer

Angela Robinson

Here are some highlights from the interview!

Read it below:

Gianna: Were you a fan of the show before you joined the team?

Angela: I was! Although, I wasn’t up to date.

Gianna: What’s it been like joining a show already in its 5th season?

Angela: It’s been really fun and exciting. Alan is awesome to work with and the other writers have been very welcoming and are insanely talented. I’m in prep for my first episode now, so I am just now meeting the cast and crew.

Gianna: Which episodes are you writing?

Angela: I will be writing episodes 505 and 511.

Gianna: Who’s your favorite character to write for and why?

Angela: I’ve only written one episode — but so far, I really like writing for Sookie, I enjoy her struggle to retain a sense of normalcy in her increasingly dangerous life. And I like writing Jessica, I think the dichotomy between her natural goodness and the dark side of her vampireness is fun to explore.

Gianna: Any fun hints you can drop about the coming season?

Angela: I am terrified to utter a peep because there are so many rabid fans out there, so I am going to remain mom on that.  Suffice to say it will be awesome.

You can read the rest of the interview here!

If she really likes writing for Sookie…then I hope she turns back into the strong, capable Sookie, we know and love! Similar to how the character is in the books, would be nice.

Notice she called us, rabid fans? Is she referring to Eric lovers, Bill lovers or everyone in general? We have been known to be called, rabids before, but then again – most True Blood fans are very passionate, so they could be called this too.

What are your thoughts? Share them below!

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