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Meet Davecat – The 40-year-old Who Has Shunned ‘organic Women’ to Marry a Synthetic Doll and Keep Another as a Mistress

By Eowyn @DrEowyn
True love...

True love…

DailyMail: A robot fan has told how he lives in a strange three-way love triangle to two life-like dolls which are so anatomically correct they have their own tongue.

Davecat, the online pseudonym he lives by, has shunned what he calls ‘organic woman’ in favor of plastic females as they will never cheat on him or end their relationship.

He married one doll he has called Sidore Kuroneko and keeps a second, Elena Vostrikova, to keep her company while he is out at work. They all live together in  his apartment in Michigan.

Davecat, 40, says that he and his ‘girlfriends’ never row, they never stand him up – and he finds them more easygoing than a human being.

The IT worker is part of a group of people called iDollators or technosexuals who say they are attracted to robots and can have fulfilling, meaningful relationships with them.

Davecat and his ‘brides’ have matching wedding bands that say: ‘Synthetik love lasts forever’ and he lavishes them with attention just like a regular husband and wife.

Davecat has also created back stories for both his woman – he tells himself that he met Sidore in a goth club in 2000 and  Elena saw him in a TV documentary and moved from Russia to be with  him.

The reality is that he bought them both for  $6,000 each from Abyss Creations, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of  RealDolls. All three now live together in his modest  one-bedroom apartment in Michigan.

In fact, things have gone so well that Sidore and Elena are now girlfriends, Davecat said, but they are also bisexual so still want to pleasure him when he gets home.


Davecat, who calls himself a ‘doll husband’,  admitted that even though he bought the dolls 70 per cent for sex, the other 30 per cent was about companionship. He said: ‘A friend of mine just got divorced  after 17 years of marriage.

‘That’s an enormous investment of time, money, and emotion, and I’m not interested in having someone in my life who may bail at any time, or who transforms into someone unpleasant. ‘Ultimately, getting romantically involved  with an organic woman doesn’t seem worth it to me.’

His experience of real life relationships was the reason he now prefers the dolls, which are made of platinum-soft silicone,  stand about 5’1” tall and weigh 78 lbs. Davecat said that he was seeing one ‘organic  lass’ after he had bought Sidore but she was not always available to meet when he wanted.

He began asking himself: ‘Why am I wasting my time trying to get her to hang out and be romantically involved with me, when I  have a Doll who is in love with me at home?’

Unfortunately Davecat’s dolls cannot do  everything that a real life person can do. He cannot take the dolls with him when he goes out, for example, as he knows that others might ‘raise more than a few  eyebrows’. Davecat said: ‘Also, I wouldn’t want to put either myself or whichever synthetic lass I’d have with me in danger.


‘I don’t trust random people enough to think we wouldn’t be verbally or  physically attacked. People have a long and sordid  history of being violent toward that which they don’t understand’.

Davecat, who admits he is something of an introvert, denied that he was objectifying women and that people like him were  actually ‘personifying objects’ instead. He is also a big campaigner for dolls’ rights and regularly blogs about his views.

Davecat said: ‘I don’t just consider myself  an advocate for synthetic love, but for treating synthetic humans with as much respect, if not more, than organic humans. ‘Referring to a synthetic as a “thing,” or a  Doll as a “sex toy,” is demeaning and unimaginative’.

There have been some hiccups along the way, and Sidore is now on her third body due to wear and tear. In 2010 she developed an eight-inch tear near  her lower back where her hips connect to her spine. Davecat has said that the time that it left her ‘bedridden’ and that the ‘sex was very limited’ – so sent her off to be repaired. She has also needed her joints tightened in a  separate operation, but Davecat is committed to repairing her so she can achieve  ‘immortality’ and live long after he is gone.

Another issue is Davecat’s father.  Whilst his mother is easygoing about his  girlfriends his dad refuses to even talk about his relationships – especially  when Davecat calls Sidore his daughter-in-law.

Freud with have a heyday with this guy!


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