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Meditations: Om Meditation

By Soulthriller

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Meditationsis a new article series on Peace and Loveism that will show how to meditate according to different kinds of meditation styles. There are so many ways to meditate and different styles accomplish different things. For today’s meditation style, we are going to look at an Om Meditation and how to do it.



Starting around the 1960s, Western civilization has grown increasingly fond of eastern spiritual traditions and practices, such as meditation and yoga. One fundamental aspect of meditation in some eastern circles, is the Om meditation. This usually is the use of the tone produced by the verbal “Om” as a healing and trance-producing state of awareness. However, this verbal usage of the Om frequency has its faults. The significance of Om rests on the belief that the entire universe, in its fundamental form, is made up of vibrating and pulsating energy of varying frequencies (see Cymatics). Unlike all other mantra, there is no meaning of Om. It is not a word, but a phonetic interpretation of a sound. According to Hinduism, it is the sound of The Source consciousness. Beyond being used in meditative practices, it is used as a healing tool, a centering and balancing tool, and as a space clearing tool.

The problem with toning out loud during a meditation session is that you often slow down your breathing as you are slowly exhaling. When you slow down the breathing, you tend to lower your vibration and become susceptible to picking up energy from the person you are working on, if you are doing the Om sound during a healing session. The solution to this is to do the Om meditation mentally.

This is fairly simple and you never run out of breath while doing the Om sound so it will go on as long as your mind wills it. Not only that, but it works just as good as if you were verbally doing the Om meditation with your vocal chords. You will feel the sensations in your energy centers all over your body very quick.

The Om sound can help to clear and balance energy channels within the body or a particular chakra when sung at the pitch which resonates with the particular chakra, and can raise one’s kundalini when sung up the musical scale, which is why it is widely-used today as part of meditation sessions.

How to Do the Om Meditation

Incorporating the Om sound into your meditation is simple and effective. Simply allow the word to sound out long, allow it to rise from deep within you. Allow emphasis on the beginning and the end. Let it last as long as it wants to. It will immediately raise your vibration and the vibration of the space you’re in.

The sound is verbally vocalized like this:


You should allow it to be long and slow. Om can be vocalized alone, with a circle of people, at the beginning or end of a meditation session, during centering and balancing, or silently within one’s mind. Try it and see how powerful this meditation can be. At the annual Rainbow Family Gathering, on July 4th thousands of people hold hands and sound out a collective Om, creating such a strong resonance that you can’t help but feel the vibrations permeating through your entire body and cultivating strongly-felt energy within that can bliss you out beyond imagination.

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