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Meditation – Dhyāna

By Flemmingbo

I am struggling to teach myself meditation but I practice every day as I want to learn. When I close my eyes and concentrate on breathing (I am using a breathing technique a freediver recommended me) a million images flash through my mind and voices echo within. I find it hard to reach a meditative state, dhyāna. This is my Cambodian monk friend Purt in a beautiful meditative pose, captured in natural soft afternoon light at Angkor Wat. I love portraits in natural light when possible. This is Dhyāna:



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By  Slherrmann
posted on 13 April at 17:28
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Greetings...I too try to meditate for the purpose of astral projection...I get close to leaving my body, but alas have not reached that elusive level of enlightenment.

Good luck on your attempts..