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MBAs from US Are Returning Back to Become Entrepreneur !

Posted on the 27 July 2012 by Mihir23192 @mihir23192

Hey guys, when I read something on Entrepreneurship, I feel happy! Startup stories always inspire me and seriously speaking, I also wanted to work in a start-ups only. Anyways..As always I was reading stuff online and found out this article which stated that, from last year Wharton 2012 back almost 90 Indian MBAs returned to India to try their hands on Indian Market. Surprisingly when I inquire about some them, I found that most of them are into internet based start ups. Now this is something kinda weird I found.

Further, I want to add is, Few days back I updated a status on facebook about homeloans or liability. That was something like this.

India is definitely happening and there are a lot of opportunities in different fields. If you are thinking of starting up, this is the best time. But don’t take a home loan,that actually kills entrepreneurship. You can never get out of it. – Binny Bansal Co-Fouder of FlipKart.Com :)

When I updated this status, One good friend of mine asked me a question that, “wat abt those who want to save their tax… who want to do investment in real estate. loan would be a gud option..” I replied, “It depends, In some cases it might be a good option, but here the thing is, when you opt for a loan, you will in trap for 10-15 years so that you can not think of anything else such as starting new business or venture.”.

I want to add more, If I want to do business then I am sure that I have to be free from fixed ourflowing debt, Infact I have to create some sort of passive income which will automatically keep throwing money to me without my personal involvement. I perfectly agree with the statement that home loan actually kills entrepreneurship.

Well, on this topic I want to add something here, is I live in surat currently and Surat is considered as a Diamond City as well as City of Textiles, but I am not finding any person withh entrepreneurial optimism, most of my friends are obsessed with glamorous cars, world trips or gizmoz… At this point I remembered one statement from my friend,

Saale Sab Stage pe Aajayenge to Taali Kon Bajaayega… ?


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