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Maytag Top Load Washers Vs. LG Top Load Washers

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers

Which top load washer is the best? This debate is very common among consumers nowadays.

A lot of people have decided to go back to top load washers in the form of high-efficiency, no agitator models. Front loader washers popularity has taken a hit due to the maintenance required to eliminate mildew.

As I approach this topic, there are a few preliminary thoughts that come to mind.

Top Load Washer Considerations

My first thought is I would go with a Maytag because of where they are made and their history in the laundry business.

However, I constantly am hearing good things about LG laundry so I am going to dive into some research and more specifics before I conclude with my personal choice.

In an effort to narrow the field of comparison, I want to compare apples to apples, model to model. So let's look at these 2 models:

LG WT7200CW vs. Maytag MVWB835DW


The LG WT7200CW is usually priced slightly higher than the Maytag MVWB835DW.

(Goedeker's prices are subject to change at any time.)


  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • Energy Star
  • Special Stain Removal Cycle
  • 5 Temperature Settings
  • Digital Controls with Knob
  • 10 Year Warranty on the Motor


  • 5.0 Capacity
  • 8 Wash Cycles
  • 14 Wash Options
  • Forced Drain System
  • 3 Soil Levels
  • Made in South Korea
Maytag MVWB835DW
  • 5.3 Capacity
  • 11 Wash Cycles
  • Deep Water Wash Override
  • Sanitize Cycle removes 99.9% of bacteria
  • 5 Soil Levels
  • Made in the USA

Now that we have looked at the price and some similarities and differences, I want to mention reviews.

Top Load Washers Customer Reviews

After checking out reviews, I saw the usual. Good and bad Reviews for both products.

People love to vent online about a bad experience and there are also those that use online reviews as a way to justify their purchase.

With that being said, overall the LG-WT7200CW tends to rate higher but the Maytag-MVWB835DW gets high marks too.

If I am the consumer, where does that leave me?

Instinct was telling me to go with Maytag. Reviews, specs, and reliability were leaning me towards the LG.

Price was not a factor because they are so close in price.


In conclusion, I am going with the Maytag-MVWB835DW personally because of a few minor details.

It is made in America. That is good for the American economy but I like that fact because parts can easily be acquired if necessary.

Another detail that I like is that I feel like the controls are easier to use and decipher on Maytag washers than on LG washers.

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