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Maybe This Christmas Will Mean Something More…

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell

On Christmas Eve I didn’t get to sleep until about 3am; by the time I’d had a bath, wrapped all the presents, emailed everyone to wish them a Merry Christmas, and had something to eat it was already technically the morning, so I thought I may as well stay up. My elder brother and  I watched Robot Chicken, played little-known Christmas songs on YouTube, and talked about our shared love of hotels. When I finally fell asleep the birds were already chirping and I could see the gray light of dawn coming through the blinds. I was woken at 6am by a text from my younger brother stating simply ‘I CAN’T SLEEP’, and replied with what I later realised was completely incoherent nonsense (I was tired, okay? I can’t spell when I’m tired).
I put on a 1940’s style dress from DP that I bought back in April but had never really worn before (you can see the hem of it in these photos) and went and had breakfast in the dining room. We were nearly the only ones there and I must say I felt extremely sophisticated eating brown toast and drinking black coffee in a gown at 8am on Christmas morning. Back in our suite we thought it would be fun to start playing Michael Buble songs, and got so carried away with it that I’m almost ashamed to bring it up. Everything went retro for a while, and I loved it, okay? I loved it. Don’t judge me.
My family may be one of the best at giving presents. Everything my mother gets me, especially, is endlessly magical and inventive and surprising. This year we all had our presents given to us in individual red sacks, once we were all gathered together. The bracelet you can see above is one of my favorite gifts this year, and I plan on wearing it every day until it becomes a new signature. I also got a book of work by Annie Leibowitz called Pilgrimage, which I’m going to stare at until hopefully some of her talent will rub off on me and I will start to see things as she does…sigh; vegan sweets and chocolate, the complete boxset of Twin Peaks (I heart David Lynch with all my soul), cleanser from Dr.Hauschka (my favorite all-natural skincare brand, which can’t be recommended enough) and a green skater skirt from Topshop that I will most probably feature in this blog at some point soon because it is just so perfectly cut. I plan on wearing it for New Year’s Eve, raving in South London…#BRINGITON 

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