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May the Smartest Marketer Win…

By Stacylrust

The marketing world is a bit like a kitchen sink…

And, by kitchen sink I mean a sink FULL of everything in your kitchen.





The kind of full that you witness on Thanksgiving at 9pm.

The kind of full that makes you want to eat those last 3 pieces of pumpkin pie, finish off that bottle of wine, and slip into a food coma.

There are about a billion ways to market yourself.

“Getting the word out” about what you do… there are endless ways to do that.

What most people do is start sifting through that kitchen sink, trying out strategy after strategy, looking for what will stick.

We read books, skim articles, and listen to workshops to try to get a handle on that kitchen sink of options to discover which is best for our specific situation.

One of the most frustrating things is… with the arrival of the internet, that kitchen sink gets more and more full every single day.

There are always new ways to market yourself, particularly online.

So, what works?

Which dishes are worth washing and which can wait?

Is it necessary to sift through the whole pile before finding the one that works?

There’s one key strategy that can turn alleviate that “kitchen sink” feeling.

And, that’s building your tribe.

Instead of trying marketing strategy after marketing strategy… build a community. Build a tribe of people who will do the marketing for you. Build an audience who will share your message on your behalf, buy your stuff, and rally behind your work.

Building a tribe is not a marketing tactic that you try for a couple of weeks to see how it works…

It’s a way of running your business that will shape the future of your company and legacy.

It’s a mindset.

It’s a philosophy.

It’s a game-changer.

This kind of marketing isn’t about trying different strategies and competing with others in your industry for attention and profits.

It’s about building something that will make you competition-proof.

It’s about creating a group of people, a powerful asset that grows and build momentum over time.

It’s about something more than flashing arrows, last-minute discounts, and hype.

It’s about becoming a force to be reckoned with in your field.

It’s about creating a place for yourself in the long term.

The smart marketer looks at the big picture.

The smart marketer builds her assets.

The smart marketer ignores the hype and focuses on what’s most important.

The smart marketer builds a tribe and reaps the endless benefits.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the kitchen sink…

Instead, take the long view and choose your strategies with one relentless goal… “Will this help me build my tribe?”

That focus, that mindset, that philosophy will allow you to step gracefully out of the rat race and into the world of lasting, long-term, powerful results.

In a marketing world that feels like a pile of dishes in your kitchen sink… be the one who hires a cleaning service.

Instead of trying on strategy after strategy… start laying bricks for something bigger.

Create a community that grows on its own.

Build something that doesn’t require years of sweat and hard work, or an ever-growing marketing budget.

Build a tribe that expands by its own contagious enthusiasm.

Learn the laws of grassroots.

And market yourself in a way that spreads.

Don’t do what everyone else is doing and scramble over the latest social media network.

Keep your eye on your one most important asset, your tribe.

And, may the smartest marketer win…

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