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May 1st: A Global Love Meditation

By Soulthriller

May 1st: A Global Love Meditation

Three years ago on May 1st Peace and Loveism had created a meditation event that would soon become a catalyst for a collective consciousness shift. This meditation would be solely focused on projecting and radiating outward the energy signature of unconditional love for the benefit of the whole of humanity. In these times of intense change and transformation, a global meditation on love is needed more than ever. We are the key holders of our own destiny…we get out what we put in. If as a race we collectively are locked into the frequencies of anger, fear, and apathy, it is inevitable that we will succumb to things that I rather not even mention given their significantly low levels of energetic vibration. By putting our awareness on unconditional love, we are able to assist each other in avoiding a plight that would not only affect ourselves but also all others as well, not to mention the habitable environment that makes our existence possible.

The Monthly Love Meditation has occurred 35 times since its inception and on May 1st it will be the 36th such global meditation. Those particularly fond of numerology and vortex mathematics can find some interesting connections with regards to that number (think the number 9). It is our hope that long after tomorrow’s 3 year anniversary of the monthly love meditation, people will continue to partake in it, for the benefit of all. It only takes 15 minutes (longer if you wish) out of your day to be a part of this meditation that is so important these days in light of all that is happening within our personal lives, society as a whole, and the biosphere. There are no special rituals, mantras, or motions to go through when partaking in this meditation (unless you wish to)…the only thing you have to be mindful of is the cultivation and projection of unconditional love into the collective consciousness grid. If you have trouble visualizing, you can simply say “Love” over and over again in your mind or out loud, as you will be transmitting the frequency of love by simply doing this technique as well, which is something that has been demonstrated by the study of cymatics and by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water research to work just as effectively.

May 1st was not a random choice, but actually has a significance behind it. Today we call it May Day, but it has gone by many names in the past. Nearly 2,500 years ago, the Romans started a celebration for Flora, the symbolic goddess of flowers. After that, it was celebrated in ancient Germanic countries as Walpurgis Night as a festival embracing the coming summer. In the ancient Gaelic society, Beltane was the festival embracing the cusp of summer as well. In essence, May Day symbolizes a beginning of something refreshing and positive. It captures the spirit of change and transformation, which is exactly the goal of the love meditation. With the trees & flowers in full bloom and with the weather becoming delightfully pleasant, May Day seemed like a perfect choice of a day to start what has now become a global consciousness-shifting meditation.

Meditate alone or with a group, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that your attention, mindfulness, and awareness is on love and that your intention is on radiating out that love into the collective consciousness. We are all part of the same interconnected matrix of consciousness akin to a subtle energy grid where everyone and everything that is a part of it is affected by everyone and everything else in varying degrees of significance. By elevating your own consciousness level to that of unconditional love, you help raise the consciousness of others. Find some time out of your day to take part in this important event and be a part of a social transformation that will help us all in these difficult times.

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