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Matcha DNA Green Tea Review

By Trina @embellishcandle
Good morning everyone and I hope your morning and week is going the way you want it. Well I'm up and feeling pretty good that is, because I'm drinking this fabulous Matcha Green Tea. I received this Green Tea September 20 in the mail to review.
Matcha Green Tea is a certified organic powered tea with a green color, that is because it's grounded  from tea leaves that gives its' green color. The package contained 34 individual packed pouches. It's a premium rare Chinese origin, never radiated and there's nothing added.
There is also antioxidant in it so if you are feeling sick I would recommend you drink it until you feel better. I've been drinking it 4 days and I must say it gives me energy and not the buzzing you get from coffee. The taste is so good and I love the smell of it when you pour hot water on it.
To me it smells like fresh cucumbers and I love cucumbers. What I did to prepare mine was pour the tea into a clear coffee sized glass, then added water and whisked with a fork until all the powder was dissolved. I added 3 teaspoons of sugar for taste and then sipped on it. It's a great tea and the taste is excellent. You can buy your Matcha DNA Green Tea here on their website as low as $19.99 a great price for a great tea.
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Matcha DNA Green Tea Review
Matcha DNA Green Tea Review

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