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Mata Hari the Spy Who Wasnt

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
Mata-Hari.com - click to enlargemata hari who was executed by firing squad in france in october 1917,is probably the most famous spy of all times.shes reknown for her beauty,her numerous millitary lovers,her provocative oriental dancing,and,above all her espionage.yet in fact she was not oriental,or even a spy.Mata Hari was the stage name adopted by a plump,middle aged dutch divorcee named mrs.margaretha macLeod who left her alcoholic scottish husband in Netherlands East Indies now known as indonesia and opted to become a dancer in Europe.
INNOCENT VICTIM most historians now accept that,far from being a spy,Mata Hari was simply an innocent scapegoat-shot because the french govt.wanted to cover up its military inaptitude by manufacturing an all powerful ring of german agents.

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