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Master Bedroom Fit For A Mum

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 100109118 Master Bedroom Fit For A Mum

When Matt first moved in with me I already had all my own furniture, as he was moving from his home town over three hours away, it made sense for him to sell his and keep mine. To be fair mine was much nicer than his.

There was one item he wasn’t too happy with and that was the bed.

He thought we should get a new one, that was ours rather than mine.

We agreed that a king size bed would be ideal as I tend to sleep in a star jump way, with legs and arms spread out wide, poor Matt was often left hanging onto the edge.  Matt isn’t exactly small built and a woman needs her own space, especially in her own bed.

We previously had a double and I have to admit that there is so much more room in a king size bed, it really is noticeable.

To be honest I didn’t see much of a price difference either.

The master bedroom is my pride and joy, we have an ensuite which never gets used and other than sleep, we pretty much never go into our bedroom.

I like the word master bedroom, it makes it sound rather posh doesn’t it?  About one third of our lives are spent sleeping and most of the time we are asleep we are sleeping in a bedroom.

The children are banned from it too.

It’s the only room in the house that never needs to be tidied.

It’s a place where if I do ever get free time is a little haven to me, it’s lovely on an evening to switch on one of the bedside lamps and just lie and read in peace.

King size beds are the widest standard beds available and have enough room for 2 large adults to sleep comfortably. The length comfortably accommodates most people. I love my bed and we are debating whether to get a new mattress, those where it moulds into your body shape.

Sheets and duvet covers are easy to find and are generally labelled simply as “King Size”.  I did worry it would be a struggle to find nice ones, but we were more than happy with the huge range out there.

Do you have a double or king size bed?

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