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MASpencer’s Recap Now Up

Posted on the 05 July 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

MASpencer’s Recap Now UpIt’s that time of week again…Monday for some, since it was the July 4th long weekend in the United States! Are you finding it hard getting back into things? We have something to (hopefully) make your day better!

MASpencer has posted her recap over at the Sookieverseblog and as usual…it’s priceless!  I’m still laughing…

These are a few of her quotes about Eric & Sookie:

I feel like I’m in a saucy sandwich!

Last week, Eric snuck up on Sookie like a creeper and popped fang as she disrobed. This week, we get to hear the rest of Sookie’s conversation with her new landlord—an exchange that effectively highlights Eric’s arrogance and presumption, but also underscores the fact that he desperately wants Sookie to like him, even if he’s not willing to blow smoke up her ass in an effort to win her affection.

And frankly, while some may use this scene as an example of Eric’s terminally rough touch with the ladies, it’s a bit of a stretch to assume that he believed for a second that Sookie would actually agree to the arrangements he proposed. Eric’s pursuit of Sookie is undoubtedly sincere—it’s only been his favorite pastime (revenge plots notwithstanding) for the past three seasons now—but that doesn’t mean that he can’t delight in the challenge she presents.

In fact, it’s quite clear that he does enjoy chasing her, or he would have just taken her by now, as he has continually reminded the audience and Sookie that he is very capable of doing. And while there’s little question that Sookie will surrender to the sexy eventually, let’s all clap her up for playing hard to get with SOMEONE for a change.

Besides, Sookie doesn’t really have to agree to be Eric’s… because it’s pretty obvious that he’s going to protect her either way.

And here’s another Eric & Sookie observation!

Did I mention that this was a good episode for Eric? Because it totally was.

First, he refuses Bill’s embarrassingly belated attempt to save Sookie’s house for her with zero fanfare and a HO-HUM… only to take the opportunity to rib his “King” for being Nan’s bitch when he tips him off that witches, after 400 years, have decided to get up to no good again. When Bill reacts exactly as Eric knew he would and demands that he RESPECT HIS AUTHORITAH, Eric mockingly obliges with a Lucien Callow bow and a big fat smirk.

As if all this wasn’t enough, he then shows up at the Moon Goddess Emporium like he’s crashing the set of an R. Kelly video.

You MUST check out the gif used for this! ;)

The only way he could have made a bigger entrance is if he had hired a helicopter to lower him down. Spoiled bitches of My Super Sweet Sixteen, I hope you’re paying attention.

And lastly, but probably the best quote of this entire review:

On the other hand, any spell that magically removes Eric Northman’s shirt ought to be engraved on a gold tablet and preserved in a temperature-controlled time capsule for all of posterity. MASPENCER APPROVES.

We have to say…WE APPROVE TOO!  :P

You can read her entire recap here! If you think what we quoted was good – just wait until you read what she says about Queen Bill! :lol: I’m still pissing myself off – laughing!  Hope you enjoy reading it too!

Thanks MASpencer for another brilliant recap!

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