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MASpencer’s Recap Is Deadly

Posted on the 13 July 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

MASpencer’s Recap Is Deadly

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

♪♪ “Come and knock on our door…take a step that is new. Where the faces are hers and hers (no, this is no typ0) and his – Three’s Company too!” ♪♪ This is what comes to mind after seeing this picture posted on the Sookieverseblog!  LOL Check it out below!

MASpencer’s Recap Is Deadly

Image Credit: Serena at The Sookieverseblog

Judging by the title of our post, you can probably guess that MASpencer has posted her recap of True Blood Episode 3“If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?” over on the Sookieverseblog!

This is what she said about Eric & Sookie…

When she insists that Eric has to stay right where he is, Sookie threatens to go to Bill— prompting a little lesson in manners from Eric, after which Pam politely explains that she thinks Bill is responsible for her maker’s condition.

But while I’m slightly appalled that Sookie seems to think that any previous attempts on Eric’s life are perfectly justified, I nevertheless doubt that Bill orchestrated this mess. That would be far too obvious.

Might we add…Queen Bill probably couldn’t think up something so cunning and smart either?

That said, I do fully expect him to take advantage of the current situation, a prospect about which Pam also harbors some deep concerns. Will the Queen put a hit out on Eric? Umm… PROBABLY. Which is why Pam emphatically states ONCE AGAIN that Eric MUST stay in Sookie’s house and NO ONE can know. Her earnest desperation is palpable, so Sookie agrees… only to play hardball and demand payment, which I imagine will involve the eventual return of her house.

Sookie getting money is also a throwback to the books as well…she got paid for looking after Eric in them as well.

For now, though, Sookie shows Eric to his cubby hole. Eric doesn’t understand how they could be living in the same house and NOT be doing it—because the mean witch obviously stole his memory of Three’s Company, too.

Hence, the photo above! ;)

Now we come to one of my favorite parts…what she says about Eric!

Meanwhile, Eric seems to be the one character on this show that has been effectively stripped of his status—and not coincidentally, his charm absolutely blooms because of it. Not because his new circumstances have changed him… but because they allow the better part of his nature to shine through just a little bit brighter.

For a good laugh at some of their use of photoshopped screencaps (I know SVB loves to be creative with those kinds of things! ;) ), here’s one that is extremely priceless! :lol: Serena, I ♥ you!! :D

MASpencer’s Recap Is Deadly

Image credit: Serena of the Sookieverseblog

You can read MASpencer’s entire review here!

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